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Staging Services



Staging a space can be overwhelming without any design experience. Schedule a consultation and Nested with Style will provide thoughtful tips, layout plans and decor ideas to create an environment that home buyers will fall in love with.

Staging Vacant Spaces

Staging can set houses apart by creating a place that prospects can envision themselves living in. Let Nested with Style transform an empty space into a desirable home for potential buyers. Not only will a beautifully designed home leave a lasting impression, it can also increase the likelihood of a sale.


Staging Occupied Spaces

It is fairly common to see occupied homes listed for sale. Nested with Style can make a lived-in home look market ready in no time. Not only will Nested with Style stage the home using existing furniture, we will also provide tips and tricks to keep the home presentable and ready to welcome home buyers.

I found Sophie by Chance while touring a home that she staged. In real estate, buyers and sellers have high expectations and Sophie is top notch. When I asked her if she could help with last minute purchases and home staging for a property out of town, she was available to help me over the phone. I was able to send her photos from the store and she event sent specific links of items to buy.  To top it off, she facetimed me multiple times to help with placement. The best way to describe her is magical. I don’t know how she does what she does, I am just happy that I found her. I will use Sophie for all my staging needs in the future.


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